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Cycleways blocked by parked cars. Need proper enforcement.

No meaningful enforcement of parking restrictions on Cowley Road means cars park on pavement, double yellow lines etc. Proper enforcement with meaningful penalties needed.

Pavement parking on Bertie Place forces children and parents pushing prams on the way to Bertie Park to walk down the middle of the street.

There seems to have been no thought put into how a cyclist should get between Oxpens and Norfolk Street. Can we have a stretch of cycle track here please.

The way through from Churchill Drive to Massey Close is blocked to bikes. This would provide a good low traffic route for cycling between the Churchill Hospital/Old Road Campus and The Slade, if only this barrier were removed. Please make t ... [more]

The cycle lane here is set up so that there are always queuing cars blocking it at the entrance/exit to Warneford Hospital. Redesign so that the cycle lane is protected for at least the stretch between the Warneford and Old Road, and prefe ... [more]

Leopold Street, Hurst Street, Aston Street is used as a rat run by drivers wanting to avoid the speed humps on Magdalen Road. A filter here only allowing bikes through would cut out all of this traffic while leaving easy access to all stree ... [more]

Too much traffic for safe cycling

Too much speeding traffic up residential roads - dangerous to cycle, narrow pavements

Where does the cycle path go?

Pavement here is way to narrow. All pushchairs and wheelchairs are forced onto the road. Can the on street parking be removed to provide more space?

Quarry Nursery nearby and cars fly through this narrow street. PLEASE close this road off to through traffic for the safety of the parents and small children

This street should be closed to through traffic. It is used as a rat run by taxis and other none residential vehicles. The pavements are very narrow and with the amount of cars parked on either side of the road, there is always a traffic ja ... [more]

Remove on street parking here to allow space for segregated cycle lane on a key route to Cheney School, Brookes University and the hospitals (including the nurseries there). There is no need for street parking on Morrell avenue as all house ... [more]

Divinity and Southfield Rds should have clear cycle routes marked and become safer for cyclists and pedestrians due to less traffic

Divinity and Southfield Rds should have clear cycle routes marked and become safer for cyclists and pedestrians due to less traffic

Close Southfield Rd to prevent congestion and enable social distancing, especially for all school and uni students

Close Southfield Rd to prevent congestion and enable social distancing, especially for all school and uni students

Close Divinity Rd to prevent congestion and enable social distancing, especially for all school and uni students

Close Divinity Rd to through traffic to prevent congestion on Rd and enable social distancing

Downhill of the footbridge, the path could be made significantly wider by removing a lot of the vegetation that has slowly crept in from the road side of the pavement.

Dedicated cycle lanes needed. Despite huge amounts of space cyclists have to use the road or shared pavement and then merge into traffic at roundabouts which is dangerous. Separate cycle lanes and junctions would make this much clearer and ... [more]

Narrow cycle lanes with fast traffic. Removing the north side cycle lane and widening south side cycle lane would give more space. Allowing cyclists to share north side raised pavement when going uphill would enable this. As its a steep hi ... [more]

Cycle path forces you in front of traffic. Taking a couple of meters of the land to the south would mean the cycle lane could go straigh across withouth having to merge into traffic

Reduce the width of the road entrace. It's extremely wide (4 times the raod width) and cars drive fast around it. Also moving the bollards already around the shop to the edge of the pavement would prevent all the cars parking on the paveme ... [more]

Pinch point on zebra crossing forces cyclists in front of traffic. Replacing pinch poin with bollards would allow stop this. Also continuing the cycle lane all the way through headington would connect the routes and make it much less intimi ... [more]

Cycle lanes needed on both sides of the road to connect cycle route. Busy car traffic makes this intimidating to cycle through. Making the old paved front gardens in front of shops on the north side of the road into proper pavement could h ... [more]

Close Bullingdon Road to through traffic. Its a rat run for taxis, and cars and larger lorries between the Iffley and Cowley Roads.

Loading bay for cars to be removed to create a formal cycle way. At the moment cars use this a free parking rather than just for deliveries to the shops which means cyclists are pushed into the busy road which is unsafe for children cycling ... [more]

The pavement is not widen enough here to maintain social distance as there are vehices often parked on the narrow pavement and the shops store things on the already narrow pavement.

The pavement is very narrow here. It is a dead end and so cars have no need to drive here given that the houses /flats do not have parking facilities. This is a key route to East Oxford primary school and to ensure a safe route for the pres ... [more]

This road should be closed to traffic other than shop deliveries (with a bollard preventing cars from accessing it at other times). Many cars illegally park at this junction both on the road and pavement blocking the road for cyclists. and ... [more]

The pavement is too narrow here for pedestrians to maintain social distance given that people have to queue outside Tescos.

There needs to be a segregated cycle path here so that children can safely cycle to and from the swimming pool, and play park at Meadow lane, as well as into Oxford city centre

In theory cars cannot enter Bullingdon road here but cars often go through the wrong way, also many non residential cars use Bullindgon Road as a cut through between the iffley road and cowley road which means residents in particular childr ... [more]

Non-residential traffic - both cars, taxis and vans use this spot to pavement park at the junction blocking the pavement. At the same time many vehicles use this narrow residential street as a cut through meaning pedestrians cannot social d ... [more]

Very narrow cycle path which is pinned agaisnt a wall. Often big brances fall into cycle path causing us to swerve into the busy road.

People gather outside restaurants and food shops, making passing with sufficient distance difficult. Widen pavement on stretches near shops, make roads single lane, which has additional benefit of slowing down traffic.

Narrow pavements on either side and across the bridge, distancing not possible. Make road and pavement areas into one and regulate traffic, alternating between people and cars.

Traffic lights need to adjusted to be activated by cycles heading South and turning right towards Kennington.

Replace the roadway next to the pavement with pavement.

Removal of parked cars allowing a proper segregated cycleway

Howard Street is increasingly becoming a rat-run, which makes it dangerous for cyclists and children. If the road was blocked between Golden Road and Catherine St, it would still be easy for local residents to work there way round, but wou ... [more]

Remove all car-parking, allowing for the ineffective and dangerous narrow painted cycle lanes to be re-built as proper segregated cycles lanes.

Allow cycle traffic through University Park.

Anti-cycling gate should be remove to enable access from Ewin Close to Beechey Ave.

Cherwell drive cycle path needs to be extended all the way to Summertown. Awful gap in provision currently.

Stop cars from entering central Oxford. Not enough space for cars.

Close to car through traffic. Underpass not wide enough for car access and no space for cars in Central Oxford anyway. No reasons to allow cars past this point.

Bridge needs a modal filter to remove trough car traffic. Not enough space in central Oxford for cars.

Close Margaret Road to rat runners, vehicles for access to Margaret Road only.

Close Windmill Road to rat runners, promote bus and cycle use. Encourage motorists to use ring road and London Road.

Relocating bus stop away from junction with Margaret Road which has lots of traffic use would ease congestion and reduce hazards for all associated with poor visibility

Filter rectory Road to prevent motor through traffic and improve conditions for people walking or cycling or living in the area. There is no reason whatsoever for motor through traffic on that road.

Cycle lanes would help prioritise cyclists near a school. Alternatively making this one way or closing entirely to vehicle users apart from local residents to park their cars.

Warneford Lane should be filtered to remove car through traffic, that would make Warneford Lane itself safe and also improve the whole neighbourhood. Current road layout on Warneford Lane is the worst in all of Oxford.

V large and fast moving vehicles far too close to pedestrians

Filter motor through traffic to improve liveability and conditions for people walking and cycling.

V narrow and low elevation pavement mens pedestrians are routinely an inch or two away from fast moving and large vehicles. It is scary.

Not enough space for motor through traffic. Should be filtered to improve conditions for walking and cycling.

Cycle path disappears on the last block before Marston roundabout in both directions. Needs continuous segregated cycle path.

Cars park on pavement. Doesn't increase carriageway to 2 full lanes; just done because of perceived danger to parked cars from speeders and rat-run. Could kerb be protected with wands spaced close enough that cars can't mount?

Pavement very narrow and impossible to socially distance, with pavement often blocked by shop signs.

Half of the pavement is taken over by cars: its impossible to get a wheelchair or double buggy down the pavement, let alone socially distance.

The painted cyclelanes here are dangerously narrow. There should be a fully segregated cycleway along the whole length of Banbury Road, removing one lane for motor traffic if necessary.

The bus stop narrows the pavement too much for effective social distancing when walking past people waiting for a bug

Cars park up on the pavement here, making it impossible to navigate on with a pushchair, let alone with social distancing. Mostly the front diveways are empty!

The road is so dangerous; so many children going to schools and nurseries and cars tear through so fast. Cowley Rd is plenty wide and fast enough to handle the rat runners

Godstow Road is used by rat-running commuters when the A34 is busy. Closing the road to motor vehicles would reduce problems with speeding vehicles on the blind sharp bends in Wolvercote, the narrow river bridges and the traffic lights on t ... [more]

The footbridge adjacent to the Godstow Railway Bridge is not wide enough for social distancing. There are no suitable pavements on the railway bridge, but there is sufficient space. Pavements should be improved on the railway bridge so that ... [more]

A bus gate on Mere Rd could help provide Schoolstreets for Wolvercote school. Exemptions for residents would be needed.

A bus gate installed on the railway bridge on First Turn could help provide safe Schoolstreets to Wolvercote School. Residents of the St. Peter's Rd estate could still have access via Mere Rd.

There is no pavement outside St. Peter's church and further along First Turn to the west. Informal parking spaces should be removed and a pavement installed. This area is particularly dangerous during school rush hour and providing a paveme ... [more]

A modal filter should be placed on First Turn to stop rat-running motor vehicles and as part of providing safe Schoolstreets to Wolvercote school. With a modal filter, First Turn would become a safe cycling and walking route. By placing the ... [more]

A way of protecting cyclists turning into Bartlemas close is needed

The cycleways on Woodstock Rd are very poor. There is neither enough room for pedestrians or cyclists, neither the cycleway nor footway is smooth or level because of dropped curbs for driveways, and the cycleway looses priority at side road ... [more]

Continue pavement to link to riverside pavement. We cycle through goose poop to get across, the cycle route over the old gasworks railway bridge fails to connect Whitehouse road to Oxpens because of barriers and this.

Signage throught hthe estate towards Marston cycleway would be a help

The works hoarding and signage are too late for cuclists and pedestrians to avoid moving into a blind corner

6 paths converge here. Vehicles often park on the convergance area making it difficult for cyclists, wheelchair and pram users.

Cycle lane here is on one side of the road only and indicated as one way. Could lane be added to other side of London Road, or widened on Bury Knowle side to make it a 2 way path?

Parking on the corner of Iffley and Aston Street is too close to the junction. It frequently blocks visibility for vehicles (cycles and cars) emerging from Aston Street

Much of the pavement on the West side of Iffley Road is wide enough to allow some space to be reclaimed for a dedicated cycle lane

Cycle lane should be shielded

Corner of Drove Acre Road and Cricket Road is very dangerous. Cars drive very quickly, do not slow down for the corner, and take the inside corner from both directions resulting in a dangerous situation and many near misses. Should be close ... [more]

Southfied Road and Divinity Road should both become one-way streets (each one in a different direction). In addition a cycleway should be added as I have had many near misses with cars here as they have not slowed down or noticed cyclists.

Up hill cycle path here needs to be widened and segregated using plastic wands or similar. Currently too many close passes + drivers going over the limit.

Cricket Road and Rymers Lane are used as a rat run to avoid traffic on Cowley Road. A filter here allowing only bikes through would stop this and make it far safer for children walking on these streets to school to social distance.

Cars and vans park here partially in driveways, but with the backs overhanging most of the pavement. This should be banned.

Block through motor-traffic to help make it safe to walk and cycle.

Longwall St is simply too narrow to carry two-way motor traffic as well as high volume cycling and pedestrian movements. Clos it entirely to private vehicles and make it one-way for buses; widen footpaths and put in proper cycle tracks.

Roosevelt Drive is horrible for cycling - dangerous on the road, dangerous entry/exit to Old Rd Campus, etc. Pedestrian access to the Churchill (or Julia Durbin nursery) is also horrible. Needs to be made one-way, perhaps, to free up ro ... [more]

A bus gate on Worcester St North is in Connecting Oxford... Do it, and use the space that recovers to de-motorise Hythe Bridge St and George St.

Hythe Bridge St should be a walk-cycle boulevarde connecting the railway station (and western city) to the city centre. All except local access motor traffic can be shifted to Park End St. Couple with a bus gate on Worcester St North if t ... [more]

Magdalen Bridge and High St are _the_ main obstacle to most people from East Oxford cycling into the centre (or through it to other destinations). There have to be separate cycle tracks given how much motor traffic there is and how badly t ... [more]

The pavements are hopelessly narrow at the best of times - shop signboards, bus queues, and high pedestrian traffic (both to and through George St). Also the most direct route to the west for most people cycling. Arguably needs to be made ... [more]

Close George street to traffic from this end all the way down to the bus station. Cars and buses can be diverted to Beaumont street

Allow cyclist on this bridge

Allow cyclist in southpark

Improve ramp for cyclist

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