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Photo listing: cycleways (problem)

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Christ Church should sell a bit of land to build a quiet cycle lane running parallel to Iffley Road

Cycle through route on Osney Lane needs restoring at Hollybush Row/Oxpens junction.

Massive bus wheel trench needs filling

Too narrow to easily pass standing traffic

Too narrow for southbound cycles to pass cars

The north bound carriage way at this refuge is only 3m wide. The cycle track becomes about 50cm wide, with insufficent space for cars to pass. It is a very dangerous pinch point.

The only way on and off the ring road cycle path is here - you must dodge fast traffic coming on/off the ring road.

The barriers at the top and bottom of this vital passage connecting the ring road and Rose Hill cycle paths are very narrow and you can only just get a big bike (family cargo/tandem) through. Most mixed ability cycles would be barred from … [more]

Mandatory cycle lane needed here

GWR need to make their Inter City Express Trains able to easily take tandem bicycles so disabled people are not discrimintated against when they ride with their partners. Bad for tourism!

Light posts interfere with cycle path making it a dangerous way up with the cars passing by at maximum speed

Overhanging vegetation is blocking part of the shared pedestrian/cycleway

There are brand new cycle lanes on both side of this road and they would be great except cars and delivery vehicle park all over them and make them more dangerous than if they didn't exist. They need to bollard them off all the way along … [more]

This is a great new cycle way that has been built but cars and delivery vehicles just park all over it making it useless and more dangerous than if it didn't exist. They need to put bollards all the way along both sides to prevent parking … [more]

This road is a very long steep road and the surface is full of holes and bumps that are not noticeable to vehicles but are very dangerous for cyclists going downhill. The road needs to be better maintained with cyclists in mind as a … [more]

This road is a very long steep road and the surface is full of holes and bumps that are not noticeable to vehicles but are very dangerous for cyclists going downhill. The road needs to be better maintained with cyclists in mind as a … [more]

Access to and from the ramp for the short recently constructed on pavement cycle path has been blocked for weeks by car registration number BO53 TTR. Double yellow lines are required to restore access and prevent recurrent obstruction.

The section passing Wood Farm has a great new cycle path that is wide enough but past the r'bout here the roadway is wide enough for a good wide cycle lane but what is painted is far too narrow and is positively dangerous at the points … [more]

When coming out of Swinburne Road and heading towards the river, if you want to reach the segregated cycle path you have to either cross the road and cross back, or cycle on the pavement. Making this short stretch of pavement shared would … [more]

If cycling straight on at these traffic lights when travelling south, it can be hard to know where to position in the road without getting in the way of traffic or getting squeezed in the cycle lane. Some cycle markings in the middle of … [more]

The point at which cyclists have to leave the shared pavement and join the road is about 1 metre too early - it feels alarmingly like coming off the pavement straight into a stream of traffic. Just a metre of extra shared pavement would … [more]

Cyclists who come from the Barracks Lane/Marsh Park cycle route to go up Temple Road risk collision with cars travelling too fast up Marsh Road into Crescent Road and vice versa. Drivers often assume that cyclists are travelling the same … [more]

Busy junction at intersection of Marsh Road and Oxford/Cowley Road with nearby bus stop, no cycle lanes, bad road surface, cars parked along road and large vehicles turning in and out of Marsh Road from the Council depot. This area is used … [more]

There should be a traffic light at this dangerous junction with a waiting area for cyclists in front of motor traffic.

Same problem as at the St.Clements entrance to the roundabout - the right-turn cycle lane is in the wrong place, putting cyclists to the left of cars that may cut across them to exit on to the Cowley Road.

Iffley Rd is too narrow for cyclists,buses and rush hour traffic. It needs to have wide pavements and wide cycle lanes. It could be part of a congestion charge for people coming in to the city ho do not live in the postcode

Where the two chicanes are on Sandford Road, they need to be regularly swept and weeds removed so there is space to use them

This gateway should be made permanent, not permissive.

The road allows cyclists to turn in using a cycle path however it is almost always impossible to use. Either it is full of glass or someone has parked illegally. It would be better if it was raised and clearly not to be used for parking.

The whole stretch from Magdalen Bridge and past Rose Lane is full of potholes and manholes, making cycling hazardous. This is especially the case when there is much cycle, car and bus traffic: going over one of these holes can easily cause … [more]

Needs a wheel-ramp up the side of the bridge for prams and bikes

Forget all the tediously practical and useful suggestions being made on this website. We REALLY REALLY need a bridge here there is a huge pent up demand from all the cyclists and pedestrians stuck at the back of the ice rink unable to … [more]

Cycle access onto A40 needs improving

Stop putting christmas markets here, it's a key cycle route through the city that the Council seems happy to block every year. Put the market where the car parking spaces are as the road is much wider than needed by the cars.

Instead of providing a filter lane for vehicles, use the space to provide a refuge filter for cycling from Rymers Lane to Beauchamp Lane and vice versa so that there is a safe crossing for the cycle route

Closure to vehicles so that Beauchamp Lane becomes a street for walking and cycling as it is is part of a cycle route from E Oxford to Blackbird Leys

The new junction here should maintain the right of way of those on the cycle path, as it has been installed it's yet another place where cyclists and pedestrians have to stop and give way

If this were Holland or Denmark there would be cycle track under each side of the roundabout. The money has been found to put a bridge over the top for the bypass, if cycling and walking is to be seriously promoted underpasses are needed so … [more]

There is a cycle route from Cherwell Drive to Ashlong Road and from Elms Drive to the crossing at Horseman Close. THERE IS NO CYCLE ROUTE BETWEEN ASHLONG AND ELMS DRIVE. This means cyclists try to cycle along the narrow footpath or have to … [more]

The road allows cyclists to turn in using a cycle path however it is almost always impossible to use. Either it is full of glass or someone has parked illegally. It would be better if it was raised and clearly not to be used for parking.

Southbound across the roundabout is hopeless for cyclists. There should be at least explicit permission to use the bus lane and an advance box. A separate lane on the left would be even better, e.g. an on demand slot which activates out of … [more]

As a cyclist you can’t turn in anywhere here to access the Westgate.

There is no safe north-south path through the city for cycling. You either have to weave through pedestrians by the university church, turn left at the bottom of Turl Street straight into the buses or wiggle down very poor visibility lane … [more]

There is no safe north-south path through the city for cycling. You either have to weave through pedestrians by the university church, turn left at the bottom of Turl Street straight into the buses or wiggle down very poor visibility lane … [more]

New path is great but please make wider like the path south of the city

Introduce 1.5 m mandatory passing room, for buses (and cars), when passing cyclists throughout Oxford, especially in narrow areas such as town end of Abingdon Road. It only requires a law and bit of patience on part of drivers.

Ensure cycle way is marked to and from bridge .....there is quite a gap with no markings.

This is the main Sustrans route into Oxford from South main route to Westgate from South. It needs to be integrated all the way into town from Marlborough Road, plus ramps and steps at both sides plus drastically improved lighting … [more]

There is a two-way cycle track that suddenly begins/ ends here with a confusing crossing shared with pedestrians. Usage needs to be clarified/ made safer.

Create a (two-way) cycle track here making use of the wide verges so that cyclists going from Warneford Road/ Old Road to Headington can turn right at the London Road without having to negotiate the big main junction

Change this very dangerous roundabout to lights. Include segregated cycle lanes.

For cyclists trying to turn right onto the cyclepath along the bypass, they have to cross 2 lanes of traffic which is dangerous at busy times. The signage could be improved here too

Buses frequently block on-road cycleway meaning cyclists must divert to opposite carriageway or pavement, or be stuck in traffic, all dangerous. Pavement is wide enough for dedicated cycleway

Repeated interruption of cycle lane by bus stops creates conflict between bus users and cyclists - let alone the state of the cycleway which is poor.

Remove parking next to covered market and put in cycle way. Current arrangements force cyclists into path of buses taking middle of road to pass parked vehicles, with frequent gridlock

The change from cycle lane onto road here is dangerous. Cars coming at speed do not look for cyclists coming off cycle path and it'snnot safe for pedestrians to carry on cycling on the pavememt across brookside as the pavement is too … [more]

Too often I see cyclists subjected to road rage by drivers who do not want to wait for them to cycle up the hill and try and force them to move over. Our road is not cycle friendly and it is such a good connecting street that it should be … [more]

This is a dangerous junction for cyclists turning to or from Elsfield that is uncomfortable to use due to speed of traffic. Signage/road markings/layout improvements needed.

Cycles have to mix with traffic. There’s plenty of space for cycle lanes here but no provision.

Reorganise cycle track so that it isn’t constantly interrupted by driveways, trees and other obstacles

The road is 20mph but there's little signage so every motorist (no exaggeration!) takes this straight at 30mph. There's no real room for a extra cycling provision but some way of slowing down the traffic on this busy road would be ideal.

Buses stop on each side of the road, then more buses pass down the middle of the road to overtake them. Cyclists get stuck behind parked buses or risk being crushed by overtaking/oncoming buses, and visibility is poor. Change the layout to … [more]

Cycleways blocked by parked cars. Need proper enforcement.

There seems to have been no thought put into how a cyclist should get between Oxpens and Norfolk Street. Can we have a stretch of cycle track here please.

The way through from Churchill Drive to Massey Close is blocked to bikes. This would provide a good low traffic route for cycling between the Churchill Hospital/Old Road Campus and The Slade, if only this barrier were removed. Please make … [more]

The cycle lane here is set up so that there are always queuing cars blocking it at the entrance/exit to Warneford Hospital. Redesign so that the cycle lane is protected for at least the stretch between the Warneford and Old Road, and … [more]

Too much traffic for safe cycling

Where does the cycle path go?

Remove on street parking here to allow space for segregated cycle lane on a key route to Cheney School, Brookes University and the hospitals (including the nurseries there). There is no need for street parking on Morrell avenue as all … [more]

Divinity and Southfield Rds should have clear cycle routes marked and become safer for cyclists and pedestrians due to less traffic

Divinity and Southfield Rds should have clear cycle routes marked and become safer for cyclists and pedestrians due to less traffic

Dedicated cycle lanes needed. Despite huge amounts of space cyclists have to use the road or shared pavement and then merge into traffic at roundabouts which is dangerous. Separate cycle lanes and junctions would make this much clearer and … [more]

Narrow cycle lanes with fast traffic. Removing the north side cycle lane and widening south side cycle lane would give more space. Allowing cyclists to share north side raised pavement when going uphill would enable this. As its a steep … [more]

Cycle path forces you in front of traffic. Taking a couple of meters of the land to the south would mean the cycle lane could go straigh across withouth having to merge into traffic

Pinch point on zebra crossing forces cyclists in front of traffic. Replacing pinch poin with bollards would allow stop this. Also continuing the cycle lane all the way through headington would connect the routes and make it much less … [more]

Cycle lanes needed on both sides of the road to connect cycle route. Busy car traffic makes this intimidating to cycle through. Making the old paved front gardens in front of shops on the north side of the road into proper pavement could … [more]

Loading bay for cars to be removed to create a formal cycle way. At the moment cars use this a free parking rather than just for deliveries to the shops which means cyclists are pushed into the busy road which is unsafe for children cycling … [more]

There needs to be a segregated cycle path here so that children can safely cycle to and from the swimming pool, and play park at Meadow lane, as well as into Oxford city centre

Very narrow cycle path which is pinned agaisnt a wall. Often big brances fall into cycle path causing us to swerve into the busy road.

Traffic lights need to adjusted to be activated by cycles heading South and turning right towards Kennington.

Removal of parked cars allowing a proper segregated cycleway

Remove all car-parking, allowing for the ineffective and dangerous narrow painted cycle lanes to be re-built as proper segregated cycles lanes.

Allow cycle traffic through University Park.

Anti-cycling gate should be remove to enable access from Ewin Close to Beechey Ave.

Cherwell drive cycle path needs to be extended all the way to Summertown. Awful gap in provision currently.

Cycle lanes would help prioritise cyclists near a school. Alternatively making this one way or closing entirely to vehicle users apart from local residents to park their cars.

Cycle path disappears on the last block before Marston roundabout in both directions. Needs continuous segregated cycle path.

The painted cyclelanes here are dangerously narrow. There should be a fully segregated cycleway along the whole length of Banbury Road, removing one lane for motor traffic if necessary.

A way of protecting cyclists turning into Bartlemas close is needed

The cycleways on Woodstock Rd are very poor. There is neither enough room for pedestrians or cyclists, neither the cycleway nor footway is smooth or level because of dropped curbs for driveways, and the cycleway looses priority at side … [more]

Signage throught hthe estate towards Marston cycleway would be a help

The works hoarding and signage are too late for cuclists and pedestrians to avoid moving into a blind corner

Cycle lane here is on one side of the road only and indicated as one way. Could lane be added to other side of London Road, or widened on Bury Knowle side to make it a 2 way path?

Parking on the corner of Iffley and Aston Street is too close to the junction. It frequently blocks visibility for vehicles (cycles and cars) emerging from Aston Street

Much of the pavement on the West side of Iffley Road is wide enough to allow some space to be reclaimed for a dedicated cycle lane

Cycle lane should be shielded

Southfied Road and Divinity Road should both become one-way streets (each one in a different direction). In addition a cycleway should be added as I have had many near misses with cars here as they have not slowed down or noticed cyclists.

Up hill cycle path here needs to be widened and segregated using plastic wands or similar. Currently too many close passes + drivers going over the limit.

Roosevelt Drive is horrible for cycling - dangerous on the road, dangerous entry/exit to Old Rd Campus, etc. Pedestrian access to the Churchill (or Julia Durbin nursery) is also horrible. Needs to be made one-way, perhaps, to free up room … [more]

Magdalen Bridge and High St are _the_ main obstacle to most people from East Oxford cycling into the centre (or through it to other destinations). There have to be separate cycle tracks given how much motor traffic there is and how badly … [more]

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