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Photo listing: tracks

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Ridiculously narrow pavements here, unusable by buggy users esp. by Story Museum & Greenes. Path by G&D's often taken up by queues. The whole street needs a New Inn HallSt style revamp: also a shameful mess on a tourist route

The pavements are ridiculously narrow, unusable by those with buggies - a continental-style revamp of this historic street is needed.

This path seems to become a cycleway once it's safely inside the John Radcliffe Hospital grounds.

Path narrows down along turn from Banbury Rd to Elsfield Way, blind corner, have had face-on collisions with other cyclists here.

Modal filter on Meadow Lane, looking north. Two bollards

Modal filter on Meadow Lane, looking north. Two bollards (one removable)

Modal filter on Meadow Lane, looking north. Four bollards (one removable).

Bridleway (left) and track across Port Meadow, Oxford

Iffley Road. Leaving Oxford there is an intermittent cycle way and narrow pavements. Cars parked make it dangerous for cyclists as they move out past them. Need to get rid of on-street parking.

There are long sections of this path where there are parallel paths which have been very overgrown. Clearing these areas would allow segregation of cyclists and pedestrians making it safer for both

It is impossible to pass on the pavement at a safe distance, and scary to step into the traffic, especially walking with children, particularly on the East side

This footpath is too narrow and poorly maintained. It feels unsafe.

Stop sign needed

Click Yes! if you agree Walton St should return to normal and those who don't like should go live elsewhere!!

If you don't like Walton Street fully open, then sell up and move somewhere else. You chose to move here as it was.

Leave Walton St open as it always has been, slightly widen pavements to prioritise pedestrians over cyclists and enable maximum social distancing for pedestrians. Traffic calming for cars shared with cyclists. Cyclists fined for parking … [more]

St Peter's College should enforce their policy of not permitting students to fix cycles to their railings on what is already a narrow pavement.

Cars often do not stop, even when children are crossing. Change the zebra crossing to a traffic light crossing

Cars often do not stop, even when children are crossing. Change the zebra crossing to a traffic light crossing

Crossing to and from SS Mary & John Church at this point is risky and dangerous although it is the most logical place to cross. Add a crossing point.

There is no way for pedestrians to safely cross the London Road to Morrell Avenue at this point. Add a crossing.

Remove shop merchandise from the pavement as it creates a pinch point for pedestrians esp. for wheelchair users and bugggies.

Pavement is narrow and cambered and results in frequent face-offs between pedestrians cyclists and service vehicles

Cars parked on the footpath make it difficult to get past with a buggy and send the message that the car takes priority over pedestrians

Before social distancing, it was difficult enough to get past with a buggy, having to contend with parked cars, bins, overgrown hedges etc. Now, I am constantly crossing the road to avoid people when they do not move over and weaving around … [more]

The hedges are growing out over the pavement so it is difficult to pass someone safely without stepping out into the cycle lane. Can the council require the owners of the land to cut them back? It’s where the bowling club used to be

Pavement/road here have sunk/been damaged by vehicles and are often blocked by bikes in term, which means it's difficult to avoid walking in the centre of the road, which is a popular route for cyclists. Request colleges whose contractor … [more]

Pavements on at least one side of hill Top Road (and Southfield Rd) need to be able to be walked along safely - and made safe for wheelchair and buggy users.

Remove on-pavement parking throughout the city for the benefit of all pedestrians, especially families pushing buggies/ walking with young children, people using disability aids, people with sight impairments

Widen footpath so pedestrians can pass without having to step into road.

No meaningful enforcement of parking restrictions on Cowley Road means cars park on pavement, double yellow lines etc. Proper enforcement with meaningful penalties needed.

Pavement parking on Bertie Place forces children and parents pushing prams on the way to Bertie Park to walk down the middle of the street.

Pavement here is way to narrow. All pushchairs and wheelchairs are forced onto the road. Can the on street parking be removed to provide more space?

Quarry Nursery nearby and cars fly through this narrow street. PLEASE close this road off to through traffic for the safety of the parents and small children

Downhill of the footbridge, the path could be made significantly wider by removing a lot of the vegetation that has slowly crept in from the road side of the pavement.

Reduce the width of the road entrace. It's extremely wide (4 times the raod width) and cars drive fast around it. Also moving the bollards already around the shop to the edge of the pavement would prevent all the cars parking on the … [more]

The pavement is not widen enough here to maintain social distance as there are vehices often parked on the narrow pavement and the shops store things on the already narrow pavement.

The pavement is very narrow here. It is a dead end and so cars have no need to drive here given that the houses /flats do not have parking facilities. This is a key route to East Oxford primary school and to ensure a safe route for the … [more]

The pavement is too narrow here for pedestrians to maintain social distance given that people have to queue outside Tescos.

People gather outside restaurants and food shops, making passing with sufficient distance difficult. Widen pavement on stretches near shops, make roads single lane, which has additional benefit of slowing down traffic.

Narrow pavements on either side and across the bridge, distancing not possible. Make road and pavement areas into one and regulate traffic, alternating between people and cars.

Replace the roadway next to the pavement with pavement.

Relocating bus stop away from junction with Margaret Road which has lots of traffic use would ease congestion and reduce hazards for all associated with poor visibility

V large and fast moving vehicles far too close to pedestrians

V narrow and low elevation pavement mens pedestrians are routinely an inch or two away from fast moving and large vehicles. It is scary.

Cars park on pavement. Doesn't increase carriageway to 2 full lanes; just done because of perceived danger to parked cars from speeders and rat-run. Could kerb be protected with wands spaced close enough that cars can't mount?

Pavement very narrow and impossible to socially distance, with pavement often blocked by shop signs.

Half of the pavement is taken over by cars: its impossible to get a wheelchair or double buggy down the pavement, let alone socially distance.

The bus stop narrows the pavement too much for effective social distancing when walking past people waiting for a bug

Cars park up on the pavement here, making it impossible to navigate on with a pushchair, let alone with social distancing. Mostly the front diveways are empty!

The footbridge adjacent to the Godstow Railway Bridge is not wide enough for social distancing. There are no suitable pavements on the railway bridge, but there is sufficient space. Pavements should be improved on the railway bridge so that … [more]

There is no pavement outside St. Peter's church and further along First Turn to the west. Informal parking spaces should be removed and a pavement installed. This area is particularly dangerous during school rush hour and providing a … [more]

Continue pavement to link to riverside pavement. We cycle through goose poop to get across, the cycle route over the old gasworks railway bridge fails to connect Whitehouse road to Oxpens because of barriers and this.

Cars and vans park here partially in driveways, but with the backs overhanging most of the pavement. This should be banned.

The pavements are hopelessly narrow at the best of times - shop signboards, bus queues, and high pedestrian traffic (both to and through George St). Also the most direct route to the west for most people cycling. Arguably needs to be made … [more]

Cars parking half on the pavement on Swinburne Road often make it impossible to walk this way with a pushchair, let alone to maintain social distancing. Please stop cars parking on this pavement.

Needs a pavement both sides of the road on the bridge across the ring road

This road into Binsey village has a lot of traffic from pedestrians and cyclists, but no pavement or cycle lane which makes it dangerous. It can easily be widened as it's just open grassland on either side.

Huge lot of tarmac unused here, could be pavement space and cycle lanes. Narrow St Giles to 2 lanes and create Public Square

Pavements far too narrow and air quality bad. Widen pavements urgently.

Too much traffic, hard to breathe here. Close to through traffic.

Too much traffic, can hardly breathe cycling and walking here.

Pavement in George St is too narrow on both sides and obstructed by bins, A boards and poles. Also people queuing for buses.

Pavement far too narrow and heavily used. Street needs closing off to motorised traffic.

Bus stops take up most of pavement forcing pedestrians to wait to pass. Pavement needs to be widened.

Although I cycle on it a lot I think this could be closed to bicycles. Pedestrians are unaware there can be bikes and it primarily a pedestrian route. There are plenty of alternatives for cyclists

Stop cars parking on the pavement. It’s impossible to navigate if disabled or with pushchair.

Very narrow path and bridge leading from lye valley to the Churchill hospital, not amenable to pram or people crossing at safe social distance

Add a zebra crossing near to Sainsburys. This would slow down traffic and allow easier crossing to the shop. The Plain remains very dangerous for cyclists which makes it difficult to get children on bikes from East Oxford into town and … [more]

Cyclists coming off the cycle track do not go back onto the roads at the narrow bollard section, instead they freewheel down the pavement. Better infrastructure to steer cyclists appropriately and protect pedestrians.

Pavement parking

Ban on-pavement parking along all residential roads in this area. Pedestrians are forced to walk in the road due to cars on the pavement and overhanging from driveways.

Narrow path which bends so that you can't see if anyone else is on it. I think the only way to remedy it is to put in some sort of traffic light system at either end.

Need more space here when getting off a bus especially with a pushchair and people waiting at the bus stop

It’s too narrow and not enough room to be distanced when passing

Cyclists coming off the cycle track do not go back onto the roads at the narrow bollard section, instead they freewheel down the pavement. Better infrastructure to steer cyclists appropriately and protect pedestrians.

Vegetation overhangs the pedestrian part of the pavement, cars park on the cycle part, and the entry to the GP surgery is a blind corner. Make it safer for pedestrians, especially the infirm.

Incredibly busy road - no safe crossing for pedestrians between carfax and speedwell street junctions. Quite pedestrian route parallel to the high street needs safe crossing midway along this stretch of road

Foot way too narrow at road level for people to pass at safe distance. Make one way only, with high level footpath on other side of the road one way or n the opposite direction. Widen lower level footway to make suitable for wheelchairs … [more]

Pavement incredibly narrow (1m wide) and too dangerous for pedestrians to step into road to pass. Needs to be widened and protected from traffic

Pavement needs to be widened - motor traffic could be controlled from much further back with the traffic lights so only 1 lane was needed through the narrow bit.

Pavement very narrow and busy between High street cafe and pens plus. Needs to be widened or at the very least the signposts in the middle of the pavement need to be removed

Very narrow busy pavement and too dangerous to step out into road. Needs pavement widened or temporary barrier to protect pedestrians from road users

The combination of the building site and parked cars has narrowed the pavement here.

Enforce the expectation that residents remove their bins promptly after bin collection.

Prevent cars from parking on the pavement obstructing the path in front of the grocers and on the corner with Catherine St.

Not sure there's scope to restrict parking much further, though happy to see a ban on pavement parking. Except at the Iffley Road end, where road is otherwise too narrow. Broaden road there?

Gloucester Green Market is too crowded to keep social distancing. Could it be possible to look at different options such as: change its layout / reduce number of stalls / widen the space for the two fruit & veggie stalls? Providing … [more]

Should be a public path.

Open this path to the public. This would reduce pressure on Magdalen bridge.

Open this brige to the public. This would reduce traffic on Magdalen bridge.

Brige from Aston ayot to Christ Church.

Remove pedestrian refuge. Replace with zebra.

Impossible to cross. Ban pavement parking. The street is wide enough.

Pavement v narrow and crosses sides on a busy route to port meadow. Wider pavements on both sides of the road, formal right of way signage for cars to prevent attempts at passing on the middle of the bridge

There is plenty of space on the edges of St Giles but the footpath is tiny.

Cars are starting to obstruct the footpath - we need all of the footpath clear to safely distance. Pavement parking needs to be strictly forbidden here - probably only room to safely have cars parked on one side of the road.

The pavement is regularly instructed by vehicles, making it hard for people walking to safely distance. Please stop vehicles coming into the pavement - bollards would sort it out! The space on the road presently reserved for car parking … [more]

Introduce zebra crossings here. Pedestrians second guessing what cars are going to do.

Add physical barriers so cars cannot park on the pavement.

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